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Room 17 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Term 2 2015-2016

TERM 2 PART 2 Primary 7 have enjoyed another busy and interesting term across many areas of the curriculum. The pupils have continued to demonstrate excellent behaviour and carry out all their duties efficiently. Here are some of our highlights: TRIP TO YO SUSHI On 26th November the pupils enjoyed a visit to Yo Sushi Restaurant in Silverburn to enhance their topic on Japan and learn more about Japanese foods. It was very interesting. They learned about different popular Japanese foods. They even had the opportunity to make their own Maki sushi, using dry seaweed, rice, sesame seeds and cucumber. It was a fantastic trip and the pupils really enjoyed the experience.
PE SUPPORT FROM RHS Primary 7 have enjoyed additional input from Renfrew High School as part of the Transition Programme. The children will have 9 weeks of lessons on gymnastics. GIANT TETRAHEDRON To develop our skills for Life, Learning and Work we participated in an exciting challenge with Irene Lang from Construction Skills to build a giant tetrahedron, using just wooden dowels and elastic bands. Our class had to listen carefully to instructions and work effectively in a team to successfully build a giant tetrahedron 4m by 4m. We were so proud of our efforts. TERM 2 PART 1 We all had a fantastic October break and are enjoying being back at school. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING - PE We are very fortunate to be receiving a 6 week block of football from a football coach called Greg. We are developing our skills in passing, shooting and playing games as well as developing respect for our peers.
SOCIAL SUBJECTS We have started a new topic on Japan, with a focus on geography. Yesterday we enjoyed researching some basic facts including the location, land, currency and flag using the laptops and Ipads to gather information.
KICKSTART TRAINING In preparation for our exciting re-launch of Kickstart on Friday 30th October at 2.15pm, we undertook some training on the safe use of weights. We learned how to safely use kettle bells, body bars and dumb bells working a range of muscle groups. We also enjoyed trying out boxercise which we will introduce soon into our circuits.