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Room 17 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Term 3


We have just completed a fantastic topic on WWII. We covered art, technology, social subjects, literacy, numeracy, music, drama and many other areas of the curriculum through this topic. We performed a class assembly to our parents which was very successful and we were very proud of ourselves. We created excellent displays and completed a wide range of core tasks. We focussed on our core tasks to ensure we tried our very best and were proud to share them with our families on the Open Evening. Our parents were sent a Telegram to invite them to come along and celebrate all our hard work and enjoy a number of activities we had created for them. The most popular activities were tasting our Rationed cakes and biscuits we had baked for our Technology and looking at our Museum of real war time artefacts.


We had great fun teaching our P1 buddies two Scottish Country Dances - The Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance in preparation for their JTL Katie Morag Open Evening. We have been enjoying learning the dances in preparation for our Leavers' Dance and it helped us to refine our technique by teaching it to our buddies.


We had a fantastic day in February when we had the opportunity to learn and perform a PACE play at St James Primary in Renfrew. The staff from pace were great and we learned an entire show in just a few hours called True Colours. The theme of the play was sectarianism which helped to send out an important message to our class and the audience. We certainly were confident individuals taking on roles and speaking parts in the show. The two classes sang the PACE song Beautiful Game really well. Thanks to St James for making us welcome and thanks to PACE theatre for a great day!


We have settled in well to our amazing new school. There are so many aspects that we really love in the school such as the teaching wall, new carpets, break out space, ICT suite and many many more. We feel so fortunate to have such a lovely environment to learn in and are very excited about our last two terms of Primary 7.

Over the past two weeks our class have had an assembly and a workshop from the charity Childline. The Visitors from Childline were highlighting the service that Childline provides and raising our awareness about abuse. We enjoyed the activities during the workshop.

This week we have been revising our life saving skills as part of our Heartstart programme. We have revised how to deal with a serious bleed, choking incident and a heart attack. We used the dummies to practise CPR and took turns to put a casualty into the recovery position.

We were very fortunate to receive special ladybird invitations from our buddies inviting us to a special party. We had a great time in the infant break out area reading the book "What the Ladybird Heard" and enjoying catching up with our buddies.

We were very fortunate that representatives from Construction Skills visited our class this week to complete a team challenge of building a Giant Tetrahedron 4m by 4m using only wooden dowels and elastic bands. Our class cooperated so well to complete the challenge and felt very proud when we saw what we had created. Many thanks to Irene and Laura for visiting Kirklandneuk.

This term our class are studying World War II as our JTL topic. We have already created our Learning Plan and have learned about why WWII began. Our class are all very interested in the topic and can't wait to begin transforming our classroom into something very special!

We are really enjoying our new topic on WWII and beginning to create some super displays in our class which we will be showing off at our open evening in a couple of weeks. The breakout space is great for doing our painting and messy activities.

We are very excited as we are visiting St James Primary in Renfrew next week to perform a show with some pupils from the school and PACE theatre group. The theme of the show is anti-sectarianism. We are busy learning our song in preparation for the show. Photos to follow next week!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012



As part of our Health and Wellbeing we were learning about the dangers of fireworks and learning how to keep safe on Bonfire night. We completed a Critical Skills challenge to create a Firework Safety leaflet to help inform our buddies about the dangers associated with fireworks. It was good to have a real audience to present our work to and we enjoyed spending time with our buddies.


As part of our Social Subjects topic on Japan, we were very fortunate to have two experts in the Japanese Martial Art of Kendo. Gerry and Dave kindly gave up their time to demonstrate Kendo to the two Primary 7 classes. The children were intrigued to learn about the sword and how they score points in the sport. They asked lots of questions. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.


We were also very lucky to have another session on the Japanese martial art of Karate. Paul and Alex came to demonstrate their expert skills in the sport and then allowed us to try out some karate for ourselves. The class loved the session as you will see in the pictures.

Primary 7 organised a selection of games and sold some Christmas crafts as part of our Enterprise. We are hoping to raise funds to put towards our Leavers' Dance in June. We had a raffle, sold bird boxes and created games such as Christmas Matching Pairs, Christmas pick and mix and the Snowman's snowflake. We practised our selling skils through our drama activities to encourage as many customers to take part. We had a great morning.

Our class performed a beautiful Christmas song called "Birth of Jesus". Our class worked hard to learn the song. Mrs O'Brien was very impressed by P7B at the concert. Well done team!

In January we will be returning to our newly refurbished school. It will be fantastic to spend our final two terms in such a lovely place. There is so much to look forward to in term 3. Looking forward to it already!