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Room 17 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Term 2 Primary 7b

CONSTRUCTION SKILLS Room 16 have had a very busy and exciting term, developing skills and expanding their knowledge. We were fortunate to have a visit from Irene Lang at Construction Skills who worked with us to construct a giant tetrahedron, measuring 4m wide by 4m tall, from just wooden dowels and elastic bands. We had to listen carefully to the instructions; work effectively as a team to build 64 small tetrahedrons and evaluate our work throughout to check the quality to ensure the structure would be safe. The children felt very proud of their achievement.
RME As part of our RME programme we had the opportunity to visit Scripture Union at the Albert Hall. Mr Brian Hawthorn and his colleagues had organised a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon, teaching the pupils about some of the bible stories in the New Testament. The children were told stories by interesting actors and pictures. The pupils worked in teams and used their Drama skills to act out some of the stories to the group. They then enjoyed completing a quiz at the end. We felt very welcome and even enjoyed a juice and biscuit. Here are some photos of our afternoon. Many thanks for organising the event!
CHRISTMAS FAYRE Last Saturday the pupils in Primary 7 organised and ran the Christmas Craft and Games room at the Christmas Fayre. The pupils had devised and created a range of fun games for the children to play and displayed the Christmas Crafts handmade by the pupils in the school. The children were aiming to raise funds for their Leavers' Dance at the Normandy in June. Many thanks to those that supported the children in their enterprise room. TECHNOLOGY This term the children have been developing their sewing skills by creating handmade Christmas decorations to hang on their trees. The children made an excellent job of theses and many felt that they had improved their skills. CHRISTMAS We are currently learning our Christmas song for the Christmas concert. We have picked a very beautiful song which is very popular with the class and they are doing so well to learn the words, the correct pitch and timing. We look forward to performing it on the 9th, 10th and 11th of December. We are fortunate that Mr Brian Hawthorn is going to visit our class in December to enhance our RME topic on the Christian Festival of Christmas. The end of term reward will soon be upon us and we are working hard to ensure we all get to attend.