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Room 17 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Term 1 is almost over...

Wow! What a busy first term Room 17 have had. We have worked extremely hard in all areas and have learned a lot already. Highlights of term 1 have included going swimming, joining the JASS award and completing our Brazil topic. Seesaw is now fully up and running in primary 6b! We have recorded some videos, taken photos of our work (in all areas of the curriculum) and have posted them on our individual accounts to share. If you wish to sign up to access your child's account please request a slip from Miss Fulton. If there are any issues with signing up we will try to resolve these! All we need is your permission (parental) and your email address to get started! Swimming was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone that was able to attend! We all made lots of progress and developed our confidence in the water. This is an aspect we have been able to enter in to our eJASS profiles. eJASS is an award scheme that was introduced in Kirklandneuk last session. We have been supported again by the PTA to allow us to participate in the award, working at Bronze level. Through the award we have 4 key areas to work on and given time slots to spend on each, in order to fulfill the criteria. JASS will allow us to record our wider achievements outside of school as well as note any relevant experiences or activities that we participate in during the school day. As we progress to primary 7 we will be able to participate at Silver level and on to high school where we can complete our Gold Award as well. JASS is like a mini Duke of Edinburgh Award and will help us in the future should we opt to undertake the greater challenges involved in such an experience. Miss Fulton can't wait to see what our JASS Journey will involve outwith school. Our Brazil topic has been very interesting. We have learned a lot about the country of Brazil, using google earth to bring the country and its features to life! We have researched rainforest animals, found out about the journey of chocolate and are looking forward to sharing what we have learned early in Term 2 at our open Afternoon! Keep an eye out for the date and time of this event! We are all well and truly ready for our October holiday! Have a relaxing, safe and enjoyable week! We will be sure to post more on to our blog in term 2! Until then...over and out Primary 6b and Miss Fulton

Monday, 14 August 2017


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Term 3 so far...

As always, it has been a very busy term! We have successfully learned about Robert Burns, his life and work, presenting this in our stage Assembly on Friday 27th January. During this Assembly our fabulous poetry winners Heather and Max performed our poem 'A Man's a Man for Aw That' by Robert Burns. We then hosted a Ceilidh alongside the PTA which allowed parents, friends and family members to come along and watch our more traditional performance. We had a piper pipe in the haggis- thanks Adam! Euan presented 'A Toast to the Lassies' while Mirrin replied to this. Ewan and Kerryn performed a fabulous version of 'My Love is like a red, red rose' By Robert Burns with a reply form Matthew Fit. Cameron, Jasmine and Chloe Addressed the Haggis before the food was served! Our Ceilidh band 'Scotia' performed a variety of classic Scottish music and all of us were able to join in the celebrations and dancing. A great day and night was had by all! A special thanks goes to Porrellis Ice Cream company who provided us with enough Iron Brew ice cream to feed the whole school and finish off our Burns' Celebrations! We have visited Celtic Connections as a year group and enjoyed a taste of music from Scotland and around the world in a Burns special! We are looking forward to returning with the rest of the children from p4-7 later this week! We have been very fortunate to participate in WOW Week and thanks to Mrs O'Brien have had several visitors in our class already to share what they do for a job! We can't wait to hear more! We are looking forward to continuing with JASS for the remainder of this term and getting some aspects signed off! Keep an eye out for photographs! Primary 6b and Miss Fulton

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Festive Fun

Term 2 has been extremely busy and hard working! We have learned all about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and made fabulous projects at home to support this! Our topic has been very interesting and we have learned lots from it! We are excited to be starting our e-JASS journey after the holidays! This is like a mini Duke of Edinburgh award and will endure our efforts out of school and for extra curricular activities are rewarded and recognised alongside the four capacities! We will be able to access this programme from home! Many of us are keen to try new challenges and learn about something in greater detail! 2"we will keep you up to date on how we are getting on! Last week we performed in our fabulous Christmas Concert! We really enjoyed entertaining our audience and hope that those of you who came to watch enjoyed watching our Performances! Our Christmas party was a huge success and we made it difficult for the adults to pick prize winners, especially for the best dancer! We have some very good movers in primary 6! We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year! See you in 2017! Primary 6b and Miss Fulton

Thursday, 29 September 2016

A visit from Arnold Clark

Today we were visited by 2 workers from Arnold Clark. They were visiting rooms 13 and 14 because we had designed our own cars for a competition that they were running. We used tracing skills and creativity to design our very own super cars. Our two winners were presented with a £20 Love to Shop voucher to spend as they wish! Well done to those children! A huge thank you goes to our visitors and Arnold Clark for allowing us to enter this competition.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Welcome to Primary 6b!

We have had a super start to primary 6 and are enjoying all of our new challenges and responsibilities. As a class we have achieved several extra plays, as a result of our excellent behaviour and managing to stay on the star- long may it continue! Our Topic this term is Brazil. We are creating a comparison between Brazil and Scotland and are researching various aspects of each country. This has included teamwork, cooperation, independent working and some personal organisation. We are very proud of the work we have produced and the colourful displays we have created around the classroom. Swimming was great fun and lots of us have managed to progress our skills and confidence in the water! We all wish we could have more time in the pool! We are looking forward to a well earned break at the end of the week for September weekend but can't believe how quickly term 1 is going! Keep looking out for updates and pictures on our blog! Primary 6b and Miss Fulton

Friday, 6 May 2016

Final activity, saying goodbye to our instructors and leaving Lockerbie!

We all had an absolute ball during our week away! Thanks for following us on our adventures! Over and out for the final time... The Lockerbie bloggers!